Virgin Premium Remy Human Hair Clip-In Extensions

Our hair is one of the most notable features about us. Hair extensions help give us the confidence we need by adding volume, length, and thickness to our hair. Clip-in extensions also help you add the color you’ve always wanted to your hair without using harsh chemicals.

Hair extensions have many benefits, and they end up saving you from spending unnecessary expenses on cuts and colors.

Hair Clip In Extension Quality

The Deluxe Virgin Remy Cuticle Hair is one of the best extension options to choose from when you’re looking for women’s hair care products and extensions. The hair that we use is selected from the healthiest braids with full cuticles attached in the same direction.

The hair remains tangle free and doesn’t dry out like other extensions. The Remy human hair clip-in extensions will typically last two years, which is significantly longer than your average extensions that only last a few months.

Our human hair clip-in extensions are silky soft to the touch and come in a variety of nice pure colors that will blend beautifully with your natural hair.

Why Do You Need Hair Extensions?

The answer is simple, they’re a safe way to help boost your confidence. All of our premium Remy human hair extensions are easy to apply and take off. Because it’s made with strong Korean clips, the deluxe virgin Remy hair remains long-lasting and sturdy.

Lastly, the exquisite workmanship that creates these extensions is remarkable. Each extension remains silky smooth to the touch because it goes through a gentle dying process. So, you can attain the color you’re looking for while keeping it in its best condition.

Hair Clip in Extensions in Chicago, Illinois

Eminere Hair Extensions has the excellent quality clip-in extensions that you’ve been looking for. With a vast selection of Remy human hair extensions, you can add volume, length, and color to any head, while still looking natural. Check out our selection and contact us today for more information!