Hair Integration Systems

The hair integration system is a technique designed for many women suffering from hair loss. Simply have natural hair pulled through the mesh holes of the integration hairpiece to achieve a glamorous, full-head-of-hair look. Unlike glue-on toupees, with mesh integration hair systems, wearers no longer have to shave their hair, and their scalps can breather better, too. All the hair used for all pull-through hair integration pieces is 100% premium human hair. It blends with the wearer’s natural hair seamlessly and flawlessly. Looking into a mirror, your customer will marvel at her easy and fast transformation.

Every woman gets emotionally drained when alopecia hits. Female hair loss or thinning hair can easily sabotage a woman’s self-image, causing emotional depression. However, hairpieces and wigs for women with thinning hair can quickly turn their bad hair days around.

Why are Women’s Hair Pieces the Best Treatment for Hair Loss?

As most drugs or medical treatments take month to show positive effects and don’t work at all, hairpieces and female toupees have become an excellent thinning hair solution and the best treatment for hair loss, be hair toppers, hair integration systems, hair patches, full cap hair systems or medical wigs.

All our hairpieces and wigs for women’s thinning hair are made of human hair.

With the help of our products, your clients can recover the perfect full head of hair in an instant. Whether they have androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, or another type of hair loss, all hairstyles are possible for your client with the help of our hairpieces.

Toppers for Women

Hair topper for women is a hair loss solution for ladies seeking a lasting alternative without a hair transplant.

How Do Women’s Topper Work?

One significant difference between women’s topper and wigs is that women’s toupees, or hair systems, are used to cover hair loss. In contrast, women primarily use wigs for makeovers, except medial wigs are for women suffering from hair loss due to chemo or alopecia.

The topper for hair systems, for women, start at the base. It serves as the foundation of the hairpiece. It is where human hair is installed. Based are typically made from lace, PU, monofilament, or hybrid materials of two or three combined. The purpose is to mimic the wearer’s natural scalp.

Women’s topper could be attached using tape or glue, and some clients will use clips. The hair pieces are made to cover areas where hair is scarce or missing on the scalp. So after being attached to the wearer’s head, the topper hair blends seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair, and it looks like the wearers has a full head of lush, natural hair. No one can tell this is a woman wearing a hairpiece.

How Long Will Women’s Topper Last?

Like men’s topper, women’s topper is semi-permanent. The lifespan of topper rangers from 1 to 12 months, depending on the base material and hair quality.

INSEU Hair System for Women European Virgin Hair

A master women’s hairpieces to get the rest of the year sorted! INSEU is an injected thin skin hair piece of 100% European human hair. The hair is injected into the surface of a 0.08mm skin base to give the most natural, authentic look; easily applied & easily maintained.

  • The use of 100% European hair gives the unit and naturally soft, sleek, sheeny finish and a most authentic look.
  • 0.08mm transparent super thin skin melts perfectly into the wearer’s natural scalp, making a discreet & undetectable wear
  • 3 lengths are available to suit various styles and personalities: 6â€, 8â€, and 10â€

Men’s Hair Piece

The critical difference between a wig and a hairpiece is that the wig covers the whole head. Topper or hairpieces only cover the bald or thinning spots on the scalp.

With topper the wearer usually chooses a hairstyle for the hair piece and has it blend with the remaining hair. With over 90% of toppers, we attach them by applying adhesive or tape to the underside of the base and then sticking to the wearer’s scalp.

But wigs typically have an elastic band or weft. The wearer can quickly put them on. Many toppers also have anti-slip silicone strips on the underside of the base.

Modern hair systems are classified as semi-permanent hairpieces, which are used to cover bald spots caused by hair loss. Most men’s hair systems are glue-on ones, made of natural human hair, and attached to the wearer’s scalp using tapes or adhesives.

Modern hair pieces look very real and natural, from the front hairline to the entire scalp. They just look like the wearer’s natural hair. Others can hardly tell the wearer is wearing a hairpiece. The wearer can even wear it to swim or exercise, and the hairpiece doesn’t go anywhere.

Old-fashioned wigs are like a hat that are usually made of synthetic hair, which is relatively cheap. Old-fashioned wigs weren’t specifically designed to deal with hair loss. Most people wear them to simply for a makeover, and they don’t look as natural as glue-on hair pieces.

Old-fashioned wigs were mainly attached using clips or an elastic ban attached to it, and they were very easy to fall off.

Thin Skin Hair Systems

Thin skin hair systems, also known as thing skin hair topper or ply hair systems, are favored by hairstylists and hairpiece wearers around the globe. The poly thin skin hair system is easy to maintain and wash, catering to new hairpiece wearers. It has a light, translucent poly thin skin hair system is easy to maintain and wash, catering to new hairpiece wearers. It has a light, translucent polyurethane base, emulation the human epidermis. When installed, it melts seamlessly into the wearer’s scalp as one. No one can tell the person is wearing a poly hair system, even by looking closely at the wearer’s hair. Thin skin hair systems are clingy and hold the scalp tight. When attached, the wearer can go swimming, dive, or even skydiving, and the polyurethane hair systems don’t go anywhere.